You should never underestimate the impact that your wedding stationery has on the best day of your life!  It creates that first impression your guests will have of your special day. Some couples do create their own wedding stationery to save money.  However, whilst this can be the case, the invitations produced can lack in quality and design.  The quality of the wedding invitations do correspond with other wedding stationery items, for example, Orders of Service, place names and table plans.  To make your wedding stationery stand-out from the crowd, it is highly recommended to work with a reputable business to guarantee that your invites and other stationery are indeed something to be proud of and treasure. There are plenty of wedding stationery options to meet all styles and budgets that can be purchased direct from me, or why not create your own bespoke design?

1. The wedding invitation creates a first impression of your wedding day.

In terms of the first impression, colour is often incorporated to match the theme of the day.  There are times when a neutral invitation is sent and this is the couple’s choice not to share with their guests any colour theme.  However, it can set a tone as to whether the wedding will be a formal event or maybe more low key.  Guests may be able to guess the tone of the wedding day from the invitation, whether it will be an extravagant event, a wedding abroad or a more simple wedding with a select few guests.

2. Your wedding invitation will create excitement with your guests and allow them to prepare for your special day.

Your guests will be looking forward to share your wedding day with you.  Receiving a wedding invitation will help them to become excited with you .  The fact that you’ve spent time to create a wedding invitation for them will demonstrate that you appreciate the relationship you have with them.  Also, it will allow them time to prepare for your wedding day.  They may need to book time-off work (especially if it’s a week day wedding or for shift-workers), to get that gorgeous wedding outfit, but most of all, so that they can celebrate with you.

3. A lovely keepsake.

This quote says it all, “handmade cards because no one displays an email on the mantel or shows off a tweet on the refrigerator or saves a facebook post in a box of treasures”.  Beautiful cards and invitations are displayed and stored in our keepsake boxes.  These cards are often framed or can be incorporated within the wedding album.  How lovely is it to look back at your grandparents’ wedding stationery?

4.  Provides your guests with useful information and shares vital information about your wedding day.

Your wedding invitation will provide your guests with information such as your wedding date, time, location and any further guidance.  Many invitations include details about dress code, reception, and often the invitations will also provide a RSVP.  Often a wedding website is used, but this detail can be incorporated in to the invitation so that guests know where to look for up-to-date information.  Wedding poems are another source of information for guests to include any wedding lists or directions to the wedding venue.  Whilst your wedding invitation will look beautiful, it is also an useful tool for your guests.

5.  Traditionally wedding invitations have been sent since the beginning of the 18th Century.

In the Middle Ages, written luxury wedding invitations were sent only by the elite.  Reading and writing was a sign of education and families of means would commission monks, skilled in the art of calligraphy to handwrite their invitations.  Wording used on today’s invitations often follow the traditional format of invites from this time. However, with no postal service, it was the duty of the servants to deliver invitations, on horseback.  Sending invitations was seen to prevent unwanted guests attending a marriage that had been announced by the local town crier!  Traditional techniques are still popular.  A wax seal added to your invitation or envelopes replicates the tradition of adding a family crest wax seal to envelopes.